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Meaningful architecture creates experience! Responsive, innovative and thoughtful architecture provides countless opportunities for a journey of discovery. With purposeful design, a person encounters architecture as an expressive collision of space, time, and place…

  • A building’s form fashioned carefully with materials amplify the innate senses creating dramatic yet tangible volumes of space
  • Natural light dancing across a space generates an unforgettable performance in time
  • The intimate relationship between the building and its landscape or urban fabric establishes a powerful connection with culture and place

As Architects and Designers, every project provides a unique opportunity to create extraordinary experiences using the combination of art and architecture with effective innovative solutions, building science, technology, and nature. It is with these ideas that the work of the studio focuses on creating healthy effective dynamic spaces where people work, learn, live, and play. It is the inspiration for studio | R.E.D’s name – “Rediscover Experience through Design.”


Design is to “create, execute, or construct according to a plan…” Design is an extensive creative process of research, exploration, and creativity with the ultimate goal to bring a concept to a meaningful, purposeful reality. To reach this objective, it takes a team of individuals working together towards a common goal.

The team begins with a strong collaborative relationship between the client and the studio’s professionals, which often extends to include the expertise of engineers, suppliers, builders, and artisans. Throughout the process, our professional team works with the client step by step through the design and construction process with the objective to enhance the vision, provide guidance and technical expertise, and to ultimately, create sustainable, meaningful, purposeful places.